The Magic of Block Printing

Discover the Magic of Block Printing

In an era where everything is mass-produced, are you looking for something genuinely sustainable that combines creativity and precision? If yes, then you’ve landed on the right page! Whether you’re a home decorator, a fashion designer, or just someone with an appreciation for beautiful things, you can’t deny the magic that lies within the beauty of block printing.

What is Block Printing?

Block printing is quite simply the process of creating detailed patterns and designs on the fabric using an ink-dipped carved block. The design you get on the fabric is the mirror image of the one on the block. 

The history of block printing in India can be traced back to the start of the Mughal period in India in the 16th century, and to date, many of the intricate patterns include Mughal motifs.

The Process

The process of block printing starts with hand-carving intricate patterns into wooden blocks. The wooden blocks are then dipped into coloured fabric dye and then stamped onto a long piece of fabric. This process requires a delicate touch, deep concentration, and a large amount of precision! Intricate designs require multiple blocks and colours, and hence the process could be repeated several times to create one finished item.

The process of block printing requires many skills, from carving blocks to the actual printing process. It is not uncommon to find that each section of the process has family members working together, as the skill is passed through families involved in the trade. 

Block Print Tote Bag, Bedding and Cushions

What Makes it Special?

There are several reasons that make block print special, and worth investing in. To start, the human involvement in the process produces one-of-a-kind items, that no machine can replicate. Each piece produced is unique - there might be a slight colour smudge or a small print difference, which just brings out the beauty of this handcrafted process. 

It is also a traditional craft passed through generations of artisans. By buying block print items, you don't only support a valuable cultural heritage, but you also contribute to the creation of a sustainable livelihood for many who are threatened by the advent of modern day textile print machinery. 

Block print also has a timeless appeal. The patterns you see on block print fabrics have been developed over the years, and while there might be new designs carved into blocks, the essence of it is based in the rich cultural history of India. 

Block Print Cushions

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