Tips to Help Your Body Adjust to Time Change

Hands up if you’re struggling with the time change over the last few days in the U.K, particularly after the spectacularly extended summer we’ve just had? I most certainly am! Even as someone who is an early riser normally, the darker mornings are making it so difficult to get out of bed! And don’t get me started on the short evenings, only to get shorter as the days go by.

So how do we get our bodies and minds to adapt to this new normal that’s coming our way for the next 6 months? Here are some tips you might find useful…

  • Sticking to your normal bedtime and wake-up time is essential. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of “one extra hour” at night, especially in the initial days of time change. Sticking to a routine helps our body’s circadian rhythm to adapt faster and stay on track. An extra episode of your favourite show on Netflix is only going to lead to a sleepy start the next morning!

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  • Enjoy the sunshine when you can! Ok, so I know that there won’t be that many days of sunshine, at least in the UK in the coming months, but it’s important we make the most of it, when we can. A walk at lunchtime, a walking work meeting, a quick mid-morning run in between meetings are all simple ways to soak it in, when we can.

  • Speaking of, increasing your Vitamin D intake is also essential during these darker months. Many of us suffer from Vitamin D deficiency without evening realising it. This not only leads to a negative impact on our body, but it also leads to a lack of sleep efficiency, an increase in daytime sleepiness and at times, depression.
  • Set aside the screen, especially your phone. It is a well-known fact that the glare from mobile phones is detrimental to sleep. Use the time limit function on your phone for a forced switch off, a couple of hours before bed.


  • Invest in a sun lamp if you really struggle to wake-up in the morning. Sun lamps are a great way to reset your body’s internal clock, and they also help tackle Seasonal Affective Disorder.

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